About Us

Go Blue Technologies LTD. is an innovative brand that supports management and decision making processes in Target research nanotechnology companies by due diligence analyses, market potential studies and project feasibility evaluation. Moreover, the company is responsible for networking and industry partner search or negotiations of contracts and agreements in the field of intellectual property. An integral part of Go Blue Technologies duties is the organization, development, manufacturing and marketing of the innovative products.

What is NanoTechnology?

  • Nanotechnology is defined as understanding and control of matter at dimensions between 1 and 750 nm, where unique phenomena enable novel applications.
  • Nano structures - can be used as carriers for active substances (drugs, nutrients, etc.) and/or genetic material in medicine, or in tissue engineering, as they have ability to penetrate into living cells.


The basic mission of Go Blue Technologies LTD. is to prepare the conditions for the applications from the research results of modern technology on the world markets.

Go Blue Technologies LTD. purpose is to prepare the ground for the implementation of applied development, which builds on the results of basic research activity of specific individual products (numerous product lines) with pre-defined quality parameters globally. 

Go Blue Technologies LTD. has successfully partnered with Respilon (www.respilon.com) creating www.GoBlue.Life for an exclusive distribution of its products in the USA and Canada.

All can be viewed at our online store www.NanoEgg.com

Go Blue participation will include: 

Active participation of partners to create optimal conditions within a comprehensive implementation of the project according to the World Strategic Plan. 

Participation in the analysis of market needs with regards to the preparation of a comprehensive long-term plan for the development of new products. 

Participation on the identification of products for development and production. 

Participation in the creation of conditions for the successful implementation of applied development and transfer of know-how by territorial and other conditions. 

Participation in the creation of conditions for the production and application of new products on the market according to predetermined conditions.